LDG Announces the NEW Z-100A Tuner

Check Out the ALL New Z-100A Tuner !

LDG’s products offer a non-pro-rated Full Two Year Transferable Warranty. Free return shipping on all warranty repairs.


LDG desktop tuners are perfect for your home shack, but can also be used portable or mobile if the need arises. Different models handle RF power levels from 100 to 1000 watts. LDG’s generic tuners work with almost any transceiver or transmitter.  MORE


LDG makes a full line of Baluns and Ununs that allow you to use antennas fed with ladder line with any LDG tuner. Interface cables for popular transceivers are also available. MORE

Zero Power

LDG’s “zero power” tuners use only microwatts of DC power in standby, making them ideal for portable or mobile use. They can easily be powered by batteries, and are compact and lightweight. You can easily use them in you Go-Box, or backpack portable. MORE


LDG’s remote tuners are designed for installation at or near the antenna feedpoint. They are weather resistant, fully automatic, and are controlled remotely from the operating position. Power and control signals are sent over the coax; no additional cables are needed. MORE