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TW-1 Talking Wattmeter

Highly valued by hams with any kind of vision limitation, the TW-1 is once again available.

The TW-1 Talking Wattmeter is Intended primarily for visually impaired radio amateurs, this unique instrument speaks the RF power level and Standing Wave Ratio aloud over a self- contained speaker.

On command, this wattmeter speaks the Forward or Reverse power level in watts, or the Standing Wave Ratio. A constant Tone Mode is also available, indicating the power or SWR as a varying pitch, making the TW-1 ideal for tuning manual antenna tuners or vacuum tube transmitters or amplifiers. It’s also great for mobile operation, allowing the user to tune screwdriver-type antennas while safely watching the road.

The TW-1 Talking Wattmeter handles all power levels up to 2,000 watts, and speaks the power aloud when you press the button. Covers 160-6 Meters. You can select forward or reverse power, or the Standing Wave Ratio (SWR). The TW-1 will allow you to select English, Spanish or German languages. You can also select Tone Mode, in which the TW-1 plays a continuous tone who’s pitch varies with Forward or Reverse power, or SWR. This mode is ideal for manually adjusting a tuner, or a vacuum tube transmitter or amplifier. You can watch the plate current meter while listening to the power output.

The TW-1 can also be used mobile; it’s great for tuning a screwdriver type antenna while keeping your eyes on the road. It
runs on 12 volts DC at 200 ma, so providing power in a car, truck or van is no problem.

Like all LDG products, the TW-1 comes with a two-year, fully transferable warranty, and LDG’s industry-leading customer support.

Special Promotion

As a thank-you to our loyal customers, the price remains at its original 2005 level of $150. For this special promotion, the TW-1 is available exclusively from MTC Radio (www.mtcradio.com).

Promotional Price – $150.00 US

  • Power Levels up to 2000 watts
  • Select Forward or Reverse Power or Standing Wave Ratio (SWR)
  • Multi-lingual (English, Spanish or German)
  • Audible Constant Tone Tuning Mode
  • Runs on 12 volts DC at 200 mA