Who is LDG

In 1995 LDG Electronics pioneered the automatic Switched-L HF tuner. Powered by a microprocessor, it did away with manually tuned capacitors and inductors, automatically finding a match in seconds. The first LDG tuner appeared as a construction article in QST magazine (January 1996), and was available as a kit. The article and kit were very popular, and founder Dwayne Kincaid (WD8OYG) started LDG to build on the success of the design.

Now over twenty years later LDG has grown to be an industry leader, offering a wide array of tuners and other amateur products. Refining the original design with new tuning algorithms and upgraded components, LDG tuners define the state of the art. LDG remains a family-owned and operated business as Dwayne’s son David joins the firm, bringing new skills and new ideas. From their laboratories in southern Maryland, LDG continues to bring new and exciting products to the amateur market.